About Dr. Steven Ferguson

Dr. Ferguson, Nursing Home

Dr. Steven Ferguson MD, CMD (Certified Medical Director) has  over 30 years of personal involvement in the preventive health care  discipline. This website is designed to make life better by sharing with  you free alternative health care information. It will also expose you to  unique natural products, that set the standards for this industry.

Our facility offers exceptional health services, a clean, comfortable, friendly environment.  Our physicians and ancillary staff team up to give you the care you  need and the quality you deserve, with a strong emphasis on  preventative medicine.

Dr. Ferguson
Dr. Ferguson, Office

We are committed to making sure  you receive the most effective treatment and the most current  information available. Dr. Ferguson has recently started a virtual  medical and healthtap.com. You can find him by following this link: https://www.healthtap.com/experts/12356079